als dokument bleibt diese seite aus der anfangszeit (ab 2005) meiner homepage erhalten.




My Private Abu Ghraib *

.... Prisoner of war, 2005

Install your My Private Abu Ghraib* at home, school, office, town hall ....

Installation of an Abu-Ghraib-cell-set in Scandinavian junk design within less than 30 minutes.

As we all know, life is not too easy in GV (global village) .....

Have you got any problems with your GV boss, neighbour, teacher, politician, family, lover etc.?

With the help of well known Scandinavian furniture stores and their fantastic low cost Asian fabrication you will be able to install My Private Abu Ghraib* wherever you are in less than 1/2 hour with all the material included and without tools. That is a fantastic way to resolve all your private GV problems in minutes.

Information only for insider

You will find many examples of cage formed prison cells in GV´s history, even every budgie will tell you about it´s traumatic life. Many artists who made illustrations of ´Hansel und Gretel´ by the Grimm Brothers used very similar forms of private punishment cells and ...... last not least, don´t forget to remember, on which side of the cell´s gate you´ll mostly find the evil ......

Don´t mix up Abu Ghraib with Tatchmahal, you could spend your honeymoon in the wrong place.

1) graphic work by the artist 2007,
.. basing on the AP photo of Abu Ghraib, 2006
2) illustration of Hansel and Gretel by Wilhelm Busch, about 1870
3) Daguerréotype of Molard: Girl with cage, 1846
4) Objet trouvé by the artist: Prisoner of war, 2005
5) Toy for children, set Hansel and Gretel, 2006

Sorry, but this work is not dedicated to friends who are sick of me!

My private Abu Ghraib*
Installation by Rainer Maria Jaenicke - ©2007